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Update - COVID 19 posted 20th March, 2020

Update - COVID 19 Dear Members, Following advice from the Government, Public Health advisors and The Football Association, we are reviewing the current situation and how we proceed. We have had many questions regarding your monthly membership fee. Our initial plan was to continue to provide you with ongoing support with home sessions and videos while rescheduling any missed sessions at some point later this year. We are looking into the option of “freezing” your monthly payments until we resume sessions again. There are many factors for us to be able to consider this so please bare with us as we work out all of the logistics with an aim to update you by Monday 23rd March. Our members health and wellbeing have always been our upmost priority and we will continue to create ways on keeping players learning and engaging regardless of the circumstances. Thank you all for your ongoing support. Stay healthy, vigilant and safe. Kind regards, Ben Bowditch Bows Soccer Academy Director